Say Chicco in Times Square

Chicco, a 50 year old Italian company specializing in making babies happy around the world, has been relaunched in the USA with an advertising campaign focused on the correct pronunciation of the brand name (Kee-Ko). Chicco has had little brand recognition in the US, with almost no awareness of its Italian origins, let alone how to pronounce the name. McCann NY booked 100 digital feet of presence in New York’s Times Square featuring colorful art direction and videos of babies saying “Kee-Ko”, with videos submitted via Chicco USA website. A special advertising banner provides an opportunity for parents to upload their videos via webcam. The campaign is being promoted through mom bloggers, Facebook and Twitter.

Chicco Times Square print ad


The Times Square campaign was developed at McCann Erickson New York by creative director/art director Nathalie Brown, associate creative director/art director Karen Ingram, creative director/copywriter Steve Nasi, executive creative content producer Catherine Patterson, creative content producer Stuart Shapiro, business manager Wilmien Blake, chief of staff Mark Strong, business partner Neely Baker, project manager Lindsey Rogers and group strategy planner Jane Goodman.

The microsite and digital billboard were designed and developed at Hush Studios, New York, by creative directors David Schwarz and Erik Karasyk, producer Jenn Mann, art director Laura Alejo, lead animator James O’Brien, animator Wes Ebelhar, assistant animator Justin Demetrician, interactive designer Jen Lu, Flash developer Nicholas Kircos, and technical lead Will Olbrys.

Online advertising was developed at Modstar, New York, by executive engagement officer Biagio Black Goetzke and production manager Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown.

Website hosting, CMS and streaming to digital billboard were produced at Aerva, Cambridge MA, by CEO Sanjay Manandhar, head of engineering David Crow, interactivity engineer Rafael Mendiola, software engineers Raam Dev and Tony Aidamouni, support and moderation engineer Jon Stoker.

Chicco Times Square campaign

Chicco Times Square campaign

Chicco Times Square campaign