Saridon for Persistent Headaches

Bayer Philippines ran a confronting print and outdoor advertising campaign for Saridon analgesics, connecting the medication with serious headaches through troubling scenarios. A woman beating clothes in the laundry has her alter ego behind her laying out the same treatment. The same scenario is played out for a butcher and a carpenter. “For Persistent Headaches”. The campaign won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Saridon Laundry advertisement

Saridon Butcher advertisement

Saridon Carpenter advertisement


The Saridon headache campaign was developed at BBDO Guerrero/ Proximity Philippines, Manila, by chief creative officer David Guerrero, executive creative director Brandie Tan, creative director Gary Amante, creative director/copywriter Rey Tiempo, art directors Gary Amante and Peepo David, producer Al Salvador, account director Cindy Evangelista, retouchers Vilma Magsino and Oliver Brillantes, photographers Paolo Gripo and Abet Bagay.