Samsung Unleash Your Fingers

Samsung launched the Galaxy SII mobile phone in France with “Unleash Your Fingers”, a video featuring Los Angeles finger tutting expert JayFunk. Tutting is a contemporary abstract interpretive street dance style modeled after Egyptian hieroglyphics. The term Tutting is derived from the name of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Tutting is performed with attention to the musics’ rhythm by altering the position of the body and limbs in a synchronized, robotic manner.

Samsung Unleash Your Fingers

Click on the image below to play the Unleash Your Fingers video.

Unleash Your Fingers Credits

The Unleash Your Fingers ad was developed at Heaven, Paris, by creative directors Arthur Kannas, Martin Hamelin, Simon Loizeau, art director Olivier-Stephane Picard, account director Karine Spencer, working with Clara Autuly, Telecom CRM Manager at Samsung.

Filming was produced by Vincent Kherroubi, with production at Labandeoriginale and post production at MotionFanClub. Music was by Siegfried de Turckheim and Vincent Drux.

Choreographer was Mario Faundez.