Samuel Bayer Transitions with David Anguiano

Film director Samuel Bayer ran “Transitions”, an art installation, in the build up for his documentary film featuring David Anguiano. The installation, run on the rooftop of Hollywood’s Siren Studios in October, featured large-scale photos of magnificent butterflies around a giant white man-made “cocoon” filled with video from his forthcoming documentary film featuring David Anguiano. The Transitions documentary tells the story of David, a young man who was severely and violently injured at a young age, and who has since conquered his trauma by finding a voice through music, drama, writing, and directing.

Samuel Bayer and David Anguiano in Transitions promotion of David

Samuel Bayer and David Anguiano Transitions Cocoon Videos
Samuel Bayer Transitions Butterfly

Each butterfly print on display was for sale that evening, with 100% proceeds benefiting the art of elysium, and ranging from $900 dollars for the smaller ones and up to $5,000 for the larger scale ones. The butterfly pictures are unedited, taken with an 1800 lens with a microscope in a studio in downtown Los Angeles.

Click on the image below to play the David trailer.

Transitions Credits

The Transitions film was directed by Samuel Bayer, edited by Ting Poo at Spot Welders.

David Anguiano earlier this year received a Philanthropy award from The Art of Elysium for his work with hospitalized children. Over the last five years he has acted in, written and directed Christmas plays, directing well known actors including Eva Mendes, James Franco, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Kristen Dunst.

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