Samsung Central Station UnBoxing

Samsung has worked with The Viral Factory to release a stop motion film to promote the Samsung Central Station. Central Station wirelessly connects your laptop to a stunning 23″ or 27″ LED-backlit full 1080p HD display and up to four USB devices—giving you an expanded desktop workspace when you need it, without sacrificing portability when you don’t. The online commercial features a computer user becoming trapped by vicious messy cables as he unboxes his new monitor. The Central Station range includes a wireless USB 2.0 dongle that connects to a USB port on the portable computing device. The monitor appears to come alive if the computer is within three feet of the Central Station.

Samsung Central Station Unboxed Cables

Unboxing the New Samsung Central Station Wireless Hub Monit…WTF??? Click on the image below to play the video.

Samsung Central Station Unboxing Credits

Filming was shot by director/animator Jey Mal via The Viral Factory.

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