Romania Typomania

Lowe Romania has taken up the BizForum challenge of designing brand imagery to galvanize Romanian identity. The agency centred their set of images around the concept of typomania, celebrating Romania’s Delta flora and fauna (Rawmania), naturally beautiful mountains, sea and plains (Roughmania), friendly people (rHumania), beautiful women (rWomania), sportsmen and sportswomen (R10mania), music (RomaInna), premium wines (RomWinea), Transapline roads (roadmania). The series finishes with I Love RomaNYa, worthy of t-shirts everywhere.

Rawmania - Lowe

Roughmania - Lowe

Rhumania - Lowe

Rwomania - Lowe

R10mania - Lowe

Romainna - Lowe

RomWinea - Lowe

Roadmania - Lowe

Romanya - Lowe


The Typomania campaign was developed at Lowe & Partners Bucharest, Romania, by creative director Mihai Fetcu, art director Claudia Pascu, copywriter Ana Maria Vasilache and account manager Ana Maria Smultea.

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