Ricky Martin The Best Thing

Ricky Martin celebrates the theme of equality in the music video for his single, “The Best Thing About Me is You”/”Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu”. Martin performs with an “equals” symbol on his chest, surrounded by a diverse cast of models and a series of hand-drawn, calligraphic text, written and painted in both Spanish and English.

Ricky Martin in Best Thing music video

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Filming was shot by director Carlos Perez via Elastic People with director of photography Andres Sanchez and producer Felipe Nino. Editor was Manuel Perez Matos. Colorist was Eric Alvarado at Prime Focus.

Post/Effects were produced at Nice Shoes, New York, by creative director/VFX artist Aron Baxter, VFX artists Russ Bigsby, Jason Farber, Vin Roma, Bryan Rosenblum, Rich Schreck, VFX assistants Cicely Brooks, Tony Dolezal, Kevan Lee, head of production Michael Donovan and producer Jen Cadic.

Design was produced at Nice Shoes and Elastic People by creative directors Aron Baxter and Carlos PĂ©rez, designer Jonathan Gershon, animators Jonathan Gershon and Theo Daley, additional design team Marlie Decopain, Raymond Gems and Mark Allen, head of production Michael Donovan, and producer Jen Cadic.