Rethink Refugees with Mothers

Amnesty International in Australia is running “Rethink Refugees“, a campaign designed to help Australian individuals engage with asylum seekers and develop empathy with their situation. Asylum seekers continue to be a hot topic for politicians, the media and the general public in Australia. In particular it would appear asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat polarise opinion. Hostility toward asylum seekers is based on a basic misconception – that asylum seekers arriving by boat are breaking the rules. This simply isn’t true. It is not illegal to seek asylum in Australia even if arriving by boat. The national campaign includes a television and cinema commercial, in which two mothers talk about their concern for their son. The campaign also includes print, outdoor and online advertisements.

Rethink Refugees Mother

Click on the image below to play the Mother video.

gho Creative Director, Renée Murray said, “The media and other organisations talk about asylum seeking in terms of persecution, threat and repression. These are issues to which a lot of people find hard to relate. We wanted to create a campaign that centred around a single universal value and thereby build empathy with the Australian public about the situation of an asylum seeker.”

Rethink Refugees Mother Billboard

Rethink Refugees Mothers

Rethink Refugees Fact 1

Rethink Refugees Fact 2

Rethink Refugees Fact 3

Rethink Refugees Fact 4

Rethink Refugees Fact 5


The Rethink Refugees campaign was developed at GHO, Sydney, by creative director Renee Murray and agency producer Mandy Payne.

Filming was shot by director Sebastien via Luscious International, Sydney, with executive producer Andrew Morris and producer Lucas Jenner.