Reporters Without Borders Voices

Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF/ Reporters without Borders) in Belgium ran a talking print advertisement to raise awareness of the dangers faced by journalists in countries where press freedom is repressed. Two press photographers had died in Libya in April 2010. RSF ran print advertisements showing a person with a reputation for clamping down on press freedom (Gadaffi, Putin, Ahmadinedjad), with a QR code in the bottom corner. By scanning this code and putting your iPhone on the mouth of the predator, you could hear a journalist tell the true story of that country. “Because some mouths will never speak the truth”. The Voices campaign gave viewers a link to the RSF website where they could learn more about the organisation’s activities and order the book “100 Photographs for Press Freedom”. The talking ads are also online at in French and English.

Reporters without Borders Ahmadinedjad

Click on the image below to play the Voices video.

The Voice campaign spread beyond Belgium, particularly among people from Iran and Lybia, who found a clear symbol for their own battle. It was largely shared on social networks and made people speak about the matter of ‘press freedom’.

Reporters without Borders Ahmadinedjad
Reporters without Borders Ahmadinedjad
Reporters without Borders Gaddafi

Voices Credits

The Voices campaign was developed at Publicis Brussels by copywriter Kwint Demeyer, art director Daniel Vandenbroucke, creative director Paul Servaes, creative director Alain Janssens, agency producer Dominique Ruys, digital account director Nadia Dafir, web design developer Denis Evlard, shooting/editor Dimitri Ryelandt, account manager Mikaël Ogor, strategic planners Vincent d’Halluin and Tom Theys.

Photography was sourced from Getty Images. Translators were Fabrice Storti and Richard Welss.

Filming was shot by director/producer Gunther Campine via Rabbit, Brussels with executive producer Ruben Goots, director of photography Kassim Ahmed, editor Jan Hameeuw.

Visual effects/post production were done at The Fridge. Sound was designed by Yves De Mey at Sonicville. Sound was produced Think N Talk.