Replaceface Personalized Portraits

Image manipulator Steve M. Payne has been taking George Dawe’s historic portraits of Russian generals and replacing their faces with those of celebrities on his Replaceface blog. Each image is posted with a quote from the celebrity.

Replaceface Steve Jobs

George Dawe was an English portrait artist commissioned in 1819 by Alexander I of Russia to paint individual portraits of each of the 329 senior Russian military staff who had successfully fought Napoleon. He completed the portraits over nine years.

Steve M Payne explained in his introductory post that he found faithful photographic reproductions of Dawe’s paintings on the internet. He began his series by using Photoshop to edit his friends’ faces into the paintings, taking anatomy, perspective and lighting into consideration. He moved on to renditions of celebrities such as Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig, Stephen Fry and Steve Jobs.

Replaceface George Dawe

Replaceface Daniel Craig

Replaceface Stephen Fry

The images, printed onto canvas with a gold frame, can be purchased from Replaceface’s Photobox page.

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