Renfe Pantone Landscapes

Renfe, the railway company owned by the Spanish government, invests heavily in print among other media. The Pantone campaign, winner of a Silver Press Lion at Cannes 2011, features four advertisements designed as Pantone color charts in yellow, blue, green and grey, appeared mainly in photography, architecture, cinema and art magazines and aimed to convey to creative and professional readers the pleasure of traveling in Renfe’s high-speed trains. “High speed rail. Over 300 landscapes per hour.”

Renfe High Speed Rail Yellow

Renfe High Speed Rail Blue

Renfe High Speed Rail Green

Renfe High Speed Rail Grey


The Landscapes campaign was developed at Sra. Rushmore, Madrid, by executive creative director César García, creative director/copywriter Paco Conde, creative director/art director/photographer Quito Leal, copywriter Pablo Lucas, and photographer Ramón Serrano.

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