Renault Van Fans

Renault is a running “Van Fans”, a print advertising campaign for Renault Vans. Chefs and construction workers appear ecstatic as they follow their favourite vehicle. “4 million fans in Europe”.

Renault Vans Chefs

Renault Vans Construction Workers


The Van Fans campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, by agency heads Edward Pacreau, Eric Hazout, Thibault Repelin and Adeline White, executive creative director Olivier Altmann, copywriter Patrice Lucet, art directors Philippe Boucheron and Antoine Dezes-Richard, head of art Jean-Luc Chirio, art buyer Soone Riboud, photographer Frieke Janssen, and producer Gael Cheval at Elysian Fields, working with Renault advertising team Stephen Norman, Bruno Travade, Dominique Musset and Olivier Dupuis.