Red Bull Flugtag Floating Billboards

Red Bull recently commissioned a set of innovative floating billboards along the coasts of Miami and Los Angeles to promote the Red Bull Flugtag series. Red Bull Flugtag is an event in which competitors try to fly homemade size human-powered flying machines, usually launching them off a pier into the sea. The two events were promoted with 24′ x 14′ floating billboards and custom props (pig with wings and foot with wings) towed along beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean by boats and jet skis. The billboard boats featured the message “Defy the Laws of Gravity and Sanity.” Additional units trailed with banners listing the event details.

Red Bull BBI Floating Display

Red Bull BBI Floating Billboard

The billboards and props first appeared in Miami to promote the first Red Bull North American Flugtag stop in Bayfront Park. The units were towed along South Beach and throughout the intercoastal leading up to the event. On event day, over 85,000 spectators showed up. The portable bbi Display Systems were then shipped to the West Coast to promote the Long Beach Rainbow Harbour event. The billboards were towed on water for 10 days leading up to the event. The inflatable displays appeared along Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo beaches for the initial 4 days. The following 6 days were spent targeting the Long Beach area and surrounding marinas, beaches and piers. The event attracted over 105,000 spectators, marking the largest attendance of any Flugtag event.

According to the Red Bull website, “The crowd was so enormous that the 710 freeway’s exit ramp to the area was closed, all parking garages were at capacity and traffic was gridlocked throughout the downtown area.”


The Flugtag Floating Billboards campaign was produced by bbi Display Systems and Trashtalk FCM.

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