Raising the Roof Campaign For Potential

Raising the Roof, a Canadian charity, launched a national public education campaign in February 2011, reminding people that homeless youth have nothing, but potential. The campaign focuses not on how homeless youth got to where they are, but where they can and want to go in life. Everyday objects such as an armchair, a potato and a plant are used in TV and radio public spots, ads in newspaper and magazines, transit stations and shelters, movie theatres, restaurant washrooms, elevators, outdoor billboards, facebook banner ads. “If you can see the potential in an abandoned chair/a withering plant/a humble potato…why not in a homeless youth?” Each campaign element closes with a call to “Learn. Suport. Act”, pointing to both to the Raising the Roof website and facebook page for more information. The Chair print ad won a Silver Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Raising The Roof Chair advertisement

Raising The Roof Potato advertisement
Raising The Roof Plant advertisement

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Raising the Roof Credits

The Raising the Roof campaign for Potential was developed at Leo Burnett, Toronto, by chief creative officer/creative director Judy John, creative director Lisa Greenberg, art director Anthony Chelvanathan, copywriter Steve Persico, planners Brent Nelsen, Ian Westworth, art buyer Leila Courey, photographer Frank Hodel, print producers Gladys Bachand, Kim Burchiel, account director Natasha Dagenais.