Rafael & Sons Story of Feelings

Rafael & Sons Diamond and Jewellery, based in Israel, launched the brand on the Romanian market with “True Feelings”, a press campaign featuring television star Andreea Raicu. Five print ads, each with the tag line, “Born 100 millions years ago, mine forever”, were released through the second half of 2011.

Rafael & Sons Secret Feeling print ad

Once upon a time…. there was a secret admirer wishing to speak up his feelings. He searched a world of words and realized none of them could express his everlasting love… and then he found a magical stone born a hundred million years ago. He sent the stone to his beloved, and the stone told his secret…

Rafael & Sons Memories print ad

One day, he drew a ring on her finger and said: “From now on, you are mine and I am yours”. She was 5 and he was 6… Sometimes, she still goes back to that day, replaying in her mind that childhood promise that time kept trapped inside the box of memories, preventing it from ever growing up. If that box were filled with the most precious jewels she could gather in a lifetime, that fragile promise would be the perfect diamond she’s hoping to find some day…

Rafael & Sons Car print ad

By bonding me to you, you’ve set me free from the whole world. I now see the world as a path never too long to walk on, as it ever leads me to you. There’s no time or distance, there’s only you and I, tied together and unbreakable as a perfect diamond.

Rafael & Sons Engagment print ad

That day, she received a diamond ring… And she realized that a diamond ring is not just any ring – as a diamond ring has the wisdom of a hundred million years – that’s why it can express feelings that no words can ever express. And what a diamond says, it is never forgotten… for hundreds of millions of years to come.

Rafael & Sons Yin Yang print ad

There could be no me without you, as there can be no light without shadow, no yin without yang, no perfect balance without perfect opposites. Together we’re as perfect as this magic stone, that a hundred million years couldn’t break apart… and no hundreds of millions of years to come could ever do…

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The True Feelings campaign was developed at Sister, Bucharest, by creative director Raluca Ciupercescu, copywriter Raluca Ciupercescu, art directors Cosmin Mihai Cucu, Adrian Isaia, Radu Popescu, designers/illustrators Cosmin Mihai Cucu, Adrian Isaia, Radu Popescu, photographers Dana and Stephane Maitec at Maitecart Studio, Paris, makeup artist Alexandru Abagiu, hair stylist Razvan Dobrescu, Mihaela Stanila, wardrobe producer Doina Levintza, Victoria 46, Iconique Class Studio.

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