Puma Social After Hours Athletes in Pump Up

Puma’s After Hours Athlete sees life as a never-ending competition. Whether it’s winning at foosball, buying the first round of drinks or getting the last falafel at 3am, the After Hours Athlete is in it to win it. The Puma Social site is launching a new phase in the Social campaign over the next few months, talking about how the After Hours Athletes form teams (hint: they don’t play by the rules); celebrate winning (we saw that time you split your pants doing a celebratory dance and we loved it); and become legends in their own special way (We’re looking at you, “Most Likely To Leave Your Mobile Phone In A Cab”). Everywhere we go, people wanna know…

Puma Social Club After Hours Athlete

Puma Social Club After Hours Athlete site

Pump Up Credits

The Pump Up video was developed at Droga5, New York, by creative chairman David Droga, executive creative directors Nik Studzinski and Ted Royer, copywriter Tim Gordon, art director Amanda Clelland, head of integrated production Sally-Ann Dale, and agency producer Ben Davies, associate producer Sarah Frances Hartley, strategy director Ben Jenkins..

Filming was shot by director thirtytwo (Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace) via Pulse Films with director of photography Matthias Koenigswieser, and executive producer Candice Chubb and producer Neil Andrews.

Post production was done at Absolute Post by executive producer Sally Heath, line producer Mitch Stockwell, Flame lead Jonathan Box, Flame assist Betty Cameron, and colorist Ben Eagleton.

Editing was done by editor Jeff Buchanan at Final Cut with assistant editor Sonejuhi Sinha, producer Viet-An Nguyen and executive producer Stephanie Apt. Music was produced at Human Worldwide. Sound was produced at Sound Lounge, New York, by mixers Keith Reynaud and Evan Mangiamele with assistant Sasha Awn,