Prophets of Science Fiction

The Science Channel‘s 8 part series Prophets of Science Fiction is being promoted with a short commercial featuring director Ridley Scott’s futuristic inner thoughts. The commercial gives viewers the opportunity to see Scott explaining the impact of prophetic authors, dreamers and creators, along with animations of his production design sketches from Alien and Blade Runner. Scheduled to premiere November 9th, the Scott-executive produced show explores how science fiction masters such as Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, H.G Wells and George Lucas have both shaped and predicted the future.

Ridley Scott Prophets of Science Fiction

“Prophets of Science Fiction” opens on drafted supers, “Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner, Alien” and an accompanying voiceover, “From one of the great storytellers of our time comes a groundbreaking new series on Science that celebrates the minds of those who saw the future.” We see the luminary himself sitting at a shadowy table, where he states, “I’ve always been excited by the idea of any form of extreme imagination. There are a lot of things that were thought to be fictional, are now becoming fact.” As he speaks, meticulously detailed, drafted drawings of futuristic cities, robots and spaceships materialize all around him. The voiceover continues, “Visionary authors, dreamers and creators,” intercut with Scott’s commentary, “They’re setting the path that future generations will tread. Science fiction supplies almost like building block material, so everyone is influenced by everyone else.” Supers appear with names like Philip K. Dic k and H.G Wells, surrounded by otherworldly images as the voiceover questions, “Who were these prophets of tomorrow? Who ignited their imaginations? How did their greatest works change our world?” Scott adds, “Science fiction has cast a big puddle and the ripples have created all kinds of questions. This show can bring together the fantasy side of science fiction with the science side of fact.” The voiceover concludes with matching supers, “Executive Producer Ridley Scott presents, ‘Prophets of Science Fiction,’ series premiere Wednesday, November 9th at 10pm, only on Science.” The Science Channel logo closes out the spot. Click on the image below to play the video.

Prophets of Science Fiction Credits

Filming was shot by director Henry Hobson via Prologue Films.