Pringles Home Party

Diamond Foods is promoting Pringles in Latin America with “Pringles Home Party” (Home Fest), online at Twelve international DJs were invited to compose a set of 12 exclusive tracks, with general production by Jimmy Van M from Belgium. All you need are four friends, a computer and speakers to organize a spontaneous party. The site contains sets of VJs (visual perfomances) with pictures to help create that special atmosphere and provide the ideal setting for a Pringles Home Party.

Pringles Home Party - Home Fest

Click on the image below to play the Pringles Home Party video.

Pringles Home Party Credits

The Pringles Home Fest campaign was developed at Grey, G2 and 451, Buenos Aires, Argentina, by general manager Santiago Puiggari, general creative directors Pablo Gil and Sebastian Garin, creative directors Diego Rubio and Coco Olivera, digital creative director Christian Krikorian, art director Matias Fernandez, senior copywriter Estefanía Martinez, senior web designer Gaston Rhiner, senior web copywriter Ary Sterzovsky, production manager Juan Carlos Barrios, producer Pablo Molina, general account director Montserrat Villafañe Molina, account director Cecilia de la Fuente, ATL account supervisor Simón Dukart, digital account executive Ezequiel Piazzolla, BTL account executive Nadia Petrone, working with Pringles brand manager Mauricio Jenkins.

Filming was shot by director Javier Laurenco via Flamboyant Paradise. Flash programming was by Revolution Media.

The twelve DJs are Carlos Belatti & Joy Marquez; Christian Berger; Deep Mariano Feat. L O´Clock; Felipe Valenzuela – Dani Casarano; Felipe Venegas; Franco Cinelli; Isaac; Logiztik Sounds & Luxor Traum; Manuel Sofía David Granha John Axiom; Martín García; Rodrigo Lozano Hubert Gomez; and Soundhexile.