Prince Paul’s Adventurous Musical Journey

Scion Audio Visual has launched a series of webisodes featuring Grammy award-winning producer Prince Paul and his hip hop lyrical partners Mr. Dead and Soce the Elemental Wizard. The trio embarks on a quest for musical styles and sounds rarely heard and to meet the artists behind them that they may never otherwise encounter. The first two episodes follow their journey back to their home town, New York City, to discover the city’s hippest DJs and their trip to Kansas for Garage Fest where they discover an ambiguity in the definition of garage music. The third episode will explore the unique New Orleans Bounce trend.

Prince Paul Scion Trailer

Episode 1, “Beating Up New York,” follows Long Island native Prince Paul, Brooklyn-raised Mr. Dead and Manhattanite Soce as they scour the city for the most creative and prolific DJ talent popular in nightclubs today. They visit the artists to discuss their creative processes and experience their live demos before the trio hits the nightclub scene to see the talent in action. The episode features Soul Clap, Style of Eye, Win Win, Ghostdad, XXXChange, and Chris Devlin. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Episode 2, “Grease-Dripping Garage Fest,” follows Prince Paul, Dr. Dead and Soce as they veer off the beaten path to Lawrence, Kansas to experience Garage Fest. In their search to define the genre of “garage” they meet an eccentric assortment of artists, ranging from the quirky and shocking grunge stylings of Hunx and his Punx to the more soulful and relatable indie rockers Best Coast. Meeting with the artists offstage and attending their nighttime performances, Prince Paul and his crew find out more about each artist’s inspirations and how their music finds new life in front of a live audience. Other artists featured include The Spits, Humane Eye, Gaye Blades, King Kahn, The Gories, and Sex Beet. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Episode 3, New Orleans Bounce, will feature artists Big Freedia, Rusty Lazer, Katey Red, Big Choo, and Shelby ‘Skip’ Skipper. Click on the image below to play the trailer in YouTube

The series is part of Scion Audio Visual, Scion’s platform for passionate artists, which has continually made efforts to support the arts and music scenes. Past projects include producing live indie music events, producing music videos for up-and-coming artists and, most recently, signing twenty vital music artists to its 2011-2011 roster. In this series Scion A/V maintains their brand identity through the content they support, rather than filling the series with overt branding that consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of.


The Prince Paul series was developed at Malbon Brothers Farms, New York, by founder Steven Malbon, managing partners Brian Marvin and Dan Tochterman, creative directors Helen Kearns and Chris Cruse, and agency producer Emile Hanton, working with Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales and promotions at Scion.

Filming was shot by director David Adam Roth via Boxer Films, New York, with producers Sean-Michael Smith and Steven Schrenzel. Editors were Alfreddo Ritta and Jacob Chase at Boxer Post.

Roth notes, “It was refreshing to be able to focus on the music and the people behind it rather than focusing on the brand. We had only three rules: No sex, no drugs and no Scion.”