Portraits in Dramatic Time

Lincoln Center Festival commissioned Portraits in Dramatic Time, an exhibit featuring 40 video portraits of renowned film and theatre actors including Alan Rickman, William H. Macy, Lily Taylor, and Live Schreiber. Shot in slow motion by director and artist David Michalek, the series shows actors in character in the process of working a scene. Filming involved a combination of a fixed high speed, high definition camera recording several thousand frames per second at 10 to 15 second intervals, resulting in videos of 8 or more minutes each. The installation was displayed on an 85 ft by 45 ft screen that hung in front of the David H. Koch Theater for passers-by to view. Shown here is the trailer, weaving excerpts together, and a video featuring Alan Rickman’s Tea Time.

Portrait in Dramatic Time - Alan Rickman

Portrait in Dramatic Time - Louise Lecavalier and Keir Knight
Portrait in Dramatic Time - William Macy
Portrait in Dramatic Time - Marianne Jean Baptiste
Portrait in Dramatic Time - Ana Reeder and Maria Pizzia
Portrait in Dramatic Time - Carmen Ejogo and Craig Hall


The Portraits in Dramatic Time project was developed by director David Michalek via Moving Portrait Inc and aWHITELABELproduct with producer/art director Kevin Arbouet, producer Dorottya Mathe and executive producer Ellen Jacobson-Clarke. Editor was Johnny Luisi at Whitehouse Post.