Polly Pocket The Smallest Doll

Polly Pocket, the tiny plastic doll marketed by Mattel, is presented as “The Smallest Doll” in this print advertising campaign from Mexico. The Polly Pocket doll is presented as the personal plaything of plastic dolls in “Plane”, “Spoon” and “Hand”.

Polly Pocket Hand

Polly Pocket Spoon

Polly Pocket Plane


The Smallest Doll campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, Mexico, by creative directors Pepe Montalvo, Miguel Ruiz, Iván Carrasco, art directors Francisco Hernandez, Sergio Díaz, copywriter Lee Gálvez, photographer Flavio Bizzarri (Bizzarri Studios), retoucher Luis Guevara, and agency producer Ereth Bolaños.