PNC Christmas Price Index Express

PNC Bank in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, has launched the 2011 version of “The True Cost of Christmas”, the bank’s annual Christmas Price Index. The 2011 report is presented on a Winter Wonderland themed website,, combining live action and stop motion to illustrate the holiday classic “The 12 Days of Christmas.” This holiday season turns out to be the most expensive year ever, but a classic train ride through a winter wonderland softens the blow of $6,300 for Seven Swans a Swimming. Stop in to help the ‘Four Calling Birds’ sing a tune, or give milking cows a go with the Eight Maids-a-milking.

PNC Christmas Price Index Express

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Behind the Scenes

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PNC Christmas Price Index Express - Maids Milking

As the only unskilled laborers in the PNC CPI, the price for the eight Maids-a-Milking is represented with the minimum wage. They received no increase in pay in 2011 as the Federal minimum wage did not rise for the second straight year. With the minimum wage flat at $7.25 per hour, hiring the maids this year will not increase labor costs.

PNC Christmas Price Index Express - Fluctuation Farms

After significant increases last year, prices for the birds were more moderate in this year’s Index, in part due to the lack of demand for certain feathered friends that amplified several prices last year. The cost of feed as well as availability sent The Two Turtle Doves soaring 25.0 percent (still weaker than the 78.6 percent in 2010) to $125 but the Three French Hens stayed even at $150. The Partridge increased 14.2 percent to a still affordable $15, although its home, the Pear Tree, increased 13.3 percent to $169.99, bucking the national trend of declining house prices. As a contrast, the Four Calling Birds dropped in price by 13.3 percent, to $519.96. One way to have the birds fly off the shelves is to lower prices enticing shoppers to spend.

PNC Christmas Price Index Express - Index Falls
PNC Christmas Price Index Express - Percentage Peak

Christmas Price Index Credits

The Christmas Price Index campaign was developed at Deutsch, New York by chief creative officer Greg DiNoto, digital executive creative director Stephen Nesle, group creative directors Jeremy Bernstein, Jeff Vinick, art directors Jeff Kopay, RG Lacandola, copywriter Matt Moyer, director of integrated production Joe Calabrese, director of interactive Production Stephanie Lee-Pang, executive producer Greg Tharp, senior interactive producer Kristina Trimmer, working with PNC Bank director of interactive marketing Jerod Laughlin.

Filming was shot by director Peter Sluszka via Hornet, New York, with director of photography Ivan Abel, executive producer Greg Bedard, producer Zack Kortright, editor Anita Chao, lead compositor Arthur Hur, compositors John Harrison, Yussef Cole, Sam Mason, Chris Boyce, illustrator Ben Plouffe.

Interactive elements were produced at Famous Interactive, Los Angeles, by creative director Greg Harvey, head of production Olli Siebelt, senior producer Craig Duffy, lead designer Jeff Levine, digital director Michael Marina.

Music was produced at Future Perfect, Los Angeles, by composer Benjamin Pacheco and creative director John Connolly.

Audio post production was done at Headroom, New York, by sound engineer Evan Spear.