Pink Ponies – A Case Study

John St, an advertising agency based in Toronto, Canada, gave us an insight into the processes required for promoting and running a top event, in “Pink Ponies – A Case Study”. Launched online in January 2011, the industry in-house joke reveals how john st. in 2010 took on its toughest challenge yet: make Chelsea Bedano’s birthday party a success in an already cluttered birthday market. “The results were astounding”.

Chelsea's Turning 8 - Pink Ponies Posters

Click on the image below to play the Pink Ponies video.

Pink Ponies Credits

The Pink Ponies Case Study was developed at john st., Toronto, by creative directors Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic, art director Andrew Livingston, copywriter Simon Bruyn and agency producer Michelle Orlando.

Filming was shot by directors Andrew Livingston and Simon Bruyn with production at Sons and Daughters by line producer Belinda Strumminger, executive producer Dan Ford, and director of photography Peter Sweeney.

Music was produced at Vapor Music, Toronto, by audio director Joey Serlin, and audio engineer Julian Rudd. Editor was Chris Murphy at Relish Editing, Toronto.

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