Philips Wake Up Challenge

Philips is promoting the Philips Wake-Up Light in an integrated advertising campaign launched by DDB Amsterdam. The Philips Wake-Up Challenge, online on Facebook, invites visitors to try out a new approach to mornings, using light rather than sound to get wake up. The site includes a quiz designed for those who struggle with mornings, each ending with an archetypal video, including the Snoozer, Grump, Grunter, Zombie, Early Bird, Corpse and Chirpy. The Philips Wake Up Challenge campaign, running through to October 7, provides the opportunity to be one of the 500 people who test out the new light, connecting up with an iPhone and Facebook profile.

Philips Wake Up Challenge - Cow

Click on the image below to play the Morning Person video.

The two documentaries follow two of the people chosen for the campaign. Iris works as a zookeeper and has serious problems getting up in the morning. Actually, its better not even to disturb her during the first hours. She’s finds her job particularly great because the animals don’t talk to her in the morning. Can the Wake Up Light change the way she wakes up in the morning? Wernke is NOT a morning person. Every day her mum struggles to get her up. Can the Philips Wake-up Light help this sleepy teenager wake up for school?

Philips Wake Up Challenge Credits

The Wake Up Challenge was developed at DDB Amsterdam and Tribal DDB Amsterdam by creative director/copywriter Paul Fraser, copywriter Yumi Ichida, art directors Mariota Essery, David Navarro, Chris Barton, and Kevin Yaun, account team Sandra Krstic, Nick Bassermann, planner Antoinette Hoes, agency producer Robert Roosenstein, project manager Sophie Rhys Evans, executive creative director Chris Baylis.

PR was managed at OneVoice by associate director Michael Young, account director Holly Kenyon, account manager Emily Pendleton.

Filming for the seeding video and morning archetypes campaign was shot by director Luc Schurgers via MiniVegas with executive producer Maarten Boon and producer Vincent Lindeboom.

Documentaries were produced at Revolver Media by director Stian Smestad, with director of photography Gábor Deák, and executive producer Raymond van der Kaaij. Editor was Adam Marshall at Whitehouse Post, London. Colourist was George Balatoni at Hectic Electric. Sound was designed by Nick Smith at Wave Studios, Amsterdam. Music was by Antigangsters Music.

Digital work was done at MediaMonks, Keytoon Animation Studio S.L., and Element Interactive Mobile BV.