Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet, one of the three Grand Prix winners in the Cannes Cyber Lions 2011, was developed by R/GA associate creative directors Christian Behrendt and Leif Abraham, also known as Innovative Thunder (@innothunder). Behrendt and Abraham set up Pay With a Tweet to promote their own book Oh My God What Happened and What Should I Do?, allowing users to download the pdf if they tweeted about it. Their server crashed twice as Twitter users downloaded the file 13,000 in the first 24 hours. Thousands of hard copies were sold on Amazon. The Pay With A Tweet button is now used by brands including Greenpeace and Microsoft, and has become ‘the world’s first social payment system’. People who have something to sell simply add the Pay With A Tweet button to their site, and people who want the product simply click on the button either tweet about it or write a post on their Facebook page.

Oh My God Pay With A Tweet

Click on the image below to play the Pay With A Tweet video.


The Pay With A Tweet system was developed by associate creative directors Leif Abraham and Christian Behrendt at R/GA New York.

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