Paw Project Humane Response to Declawing

The Paw Project is an organisation focused on educating the public about the painful and crippling effects of cat declawing, campaigning for the abolition of declaw surgery, and rehabilitating big cats that have been declawed. Their PSA, “Humane”, takes the viewer into the point of view of a domestic cat whose claws are being removed. We see a woman and a male veterinarian talking about a simple procedure. Then the doctor plays anesthetist, cupping a mask over the unseen pet to put him to sleep for the operation. In the post-operative stage the pet extends two human hands from which the finger tips are cut off. “If you knew what declawing really was, would you still do it?” The image is associated with the billboard campaign launched in 2009.

Paw Project Declawing Cats billboard

Click on the image below to play the Humane video.

The Paw Project points out that declawing is amputation, not merely the removal of the claws. To declaw a cat, the veterinarian cuts off the last knuckles of a cat’s paw, cutting through bone, tendons, skin and nerves. In a person, it is equivalent to amputating each finger or toe at the last joint. Banned or considered unethical in many countries worldwide, de-clawing surgery is commonly performed in the U.S. to prevent cats from scratching furniture. Since a cat’s claw grows from within the last bone of its toe, de-clawing requires an amputation at the last “knuckle.”

Humane Credits

The Humane project was developed at McCann Erickson Los Angeles, by creative director Steve Levit, copywriter Ashley Crandall, account executive Arielle Dudley, agency producer Kerry Ko.

Filming was shot by director Ty Evans of Superstudio, Santa Monica, with director of photography Patrick Loungway, executive producer Dana Garman, line producer Nathan de la Rionda.

Editor was Hal Honigsberg at Chrome Editorial, with executive producer Betsy Beale, assistant editor Trevor Schulte and producer Rebecca Baker.

Post production and Visual FX were produced at Chemical Effects by creative director Nick Piper, senior Flame artist Tim Rudgard, producer Liz Hiza.

Music was recorded and mixed at Margarita Mix, Santa Monica, by mixer Michael Jesmer, executive producer, Michele Millard, producer Whitney Warren, sound mixer Dustin Bath.