Panamericana School of Coincidence

Panamericana School of Art And Design (Escola de Arte e Design) commissioned “Coincidences”, a print advertising campaign designed to announce the school’s drawing and art courses to potential students. Posters were developed having as the starting point different visual references from exact sciences: statistics, mathematic calculations, physics studies. A small detail present in each one of them was highlighted and magnified on the side, showing that it’s possible to see art even in cold numbers and graphics. Besides showing different elements from the field of exact sciences, the posters brought a provocative message: “Yes, there’s still time”, indicating it’s always possible to find the way out of this cold universe of numbers through art, with the courses offered by the School. The campaign won a Silver Press Lion and a Bronze Design Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Panamericana Coincidence 1

Panamericana Coincidence 2

Panamericana Coincidence 3

Panamericana Coincidence 4


The Coincidence campaign was developed at AlmapBBDO São Paulo, by chief creative officer/executive creative director Marcello Serpa, creative director Luiz Sanches, art director Andre Gola, copywriter Marco Giannelli (Pernil), account supervisor Isabela Filippi, working with Panamericana School marketing director Enrique Lipizyc.