Oxjam Brixton Posters

Oxjam, Oxfam‘s month-long music festival, runs through October with hundreds of events around the UK, organised by volunteers to raise money for projects around the world. The Brixton festival, held on October 23, is being promoted with posters combining headlines conveying Oxfam’s humanitarian challenges with the design of typical gig posters in powerful pastiche. “Refugees – In The House Tonight” and “Badly Neglected Boy – Alive”, appear alongside the names of performing artists including Logistics B2B Nu:Tone with SP:MC, Ayah Marar, Hang The DJ, and Elephino, with a reference to the Oxjam 2011 Facebook page.

Oxjam Brixton Refugees poster

Oxjam Brixton Boy Badly Neglected poster


The Oxjam Brixton Poster campaign was developed at BETC London.

Matthew Charlton, CEO of BETC London, says: “Oxjam is such a cool idea and we were delighted to be involved in a concept that is all about open source and empowering local people to create their own festivals under the Oxfam banner. In the world we live in now, where money is really tight and there are so many good causes to get involved with, we wanted to create some entertaining posters that create interest for what are genuinely entertaining and special events.”

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