Old Spice MANta Claus Campaign

Old Spice has brought back Isaiah Mustafa in “MANta Claus”, a week long advertising campaign associated with the holiday season. He speaks as a timeless symbol of generosity, with an undertaking to give gifts to 7 billion people on earth. The week-long campaign is being promoted on the Old Spice Twitter and Facebook pages and Youtube channel.

Isaiah Mustafa in Old Spice MANta Claus Christmas commercial

Old Spice Manta Claus

Isaiah Mustafa started the campaign with a 60 second video directed to Amber, whose Twitter name is @Beautyjunkies. “Day 1 — The Man Your Man Could Smell Like begins his quest to give a gift to every single person on Earth this holiday season, including an elegant pair of ladyshoes made out of necklaces to a close, personal friend.” (Her response? “OMG I can die now.”) Click on the image below to play the @beautyjunkies video.

“25 Internet Friends” is directed to an assortment of Twitter and Facebook accounts. “25 friends get 25 bear-shaped deodorant protectors, and 25 criminals get 25 reasons to not steal any deodorant.” Click on the image below to play the 25 Internet Friends video.

In “Baltimore”, the greatest city in America gets a promotion-promoting letter-gift in the December 6th edition of the Baltimore Sun. Click on the image below to play the Baltimore video.

Video four covered the residents of Australia: “After 1.5 kabillion years, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like finally gets around to explaining how Australia got awesome.” Click on the image below to play the Australia video.

The Day One Progress Report fills us in on the first day’s work. “As of today I’ve given gifts to 25,390,651 people. I’ll step it up tomorrow.” (OK, so the computer tally reads “Day 1 > 21,255,493 gifted” — who’s counting?) Click on the image below to play the One Day Progress video.

Old Spice Facebook Page

MANta Claus Credits

The Old Spice MANta Claus campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, by executive creative directors Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman, creative directors Jason Bagley, Eric Baldwin, Craig Allen, interactive creative director Matt O’Rourke, art director Max Stinson, copywriters Jason Kreher, Andy Laugenour, David Neevel, Jarrod Higgins, broadcast producer Monica Ranes, interactive producers Ann-Marie Harbour and Andrea Nelson, radio producer Kirsten Acheson, digital strategist Chris Dukeminer, developer John Cohoon, art buyer Heather Harvey, photographer David Emmett, studio artists Ojai Mitchell, Ryan Sonderegger and Cathy Ormerod, and account director Jordan Muse.

Filming was shot by directors Eric Baldwin, Jason Kreher and Jason Bagley via Don’t Act Big with executive producer Emily Fincher, producer Bernadette Spear, director of photography Tyson Wisbrock.

Post production was done at Joint Editorial by editor Slater Dixon. Audio post production was done at Tonefarmer and Digital One.

Isaiah Mustafa in Old Spice MANta Claus