NZTA Legend Inner Battle with Ghost Chips

NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) has launched a new television commercial, “Legend”, encouraging young people who drink with a drink-driver to take some responsibility and speak up when he is about to drive drunk. When partying down and chilling with your mates, the last thing you want to be is a killjoy. But once you consider the outcome of saying nothing to your drunken buddy who is about to drive, the grim truth unfolds. The key element is the offer of “ghost chips”.

NZTA Legend Ghost Chips ad

Ghost Chips Campaign

NZTA sets out the thinking behind the campaign…

“Young drinking drivers make up a large part of all drink-driving crashes in New Zealand. Over 40% of all drink-driving crashes involve drunk drivers under the age of 24 years. In all fatal or serious injury-related crashes in 2008-2010 82% of the drinking drivers in those crashes are male. 34% of all drinking drivers in those crashes, and 38% of the young drivers, are Maori. One in five (19%) of all drinking drivers in crashes are aged 15-19, another 24% are 20-2.

These boys are not bad people. They’re good people who make bad choices. They don’t set out to drive drunk, they just don’t plan ahead. A few beers with the lads can easily morph into a bigger night, poor judgement and fewer options to get home. But while the consequences of driving drunk are well-known, it’s also widely believed that if you drive drunk, it’s likely you’ll get away with it. This belief is reinforced by the times they did ‘slip up’ and got away with it. They lived to tell the tale, which has since become a ‘success’ story they share with their mates. Coupled with this belief is that no one stops them or makes them feel uneasy about their choice to drive. It’s too awkward so why would they? It’s hard to tell a mate not to drive; no one wants to lose face, to be seen as the ‘downer’ of the party or to be accused of being ‘soft’.”

Ghost Chips Credits

The Ghost Chips ad was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Wellington, by executive creative director Phillip Andrew, copywriter/art director Bridgid Alkema, copywriter Mitch Alison, agency producer Martin Gray, assistant producer Georgina Otto.

Filming was shot by director Steve Ayson via The Sweet Shop, Auckland, with producer Larisa Tiffin, director of photography Crighton Bone, CEO Paul Prince, managing director George Mackenzie, global executive producer Sharlene George, executive producer Fiona King, director’s assistant Damien Shatford, production designer Guy Treadgold.

Editor was Peter Scribberas at The Butchery, Melbourne. Post production was done at Toybox, Auckland.