Not Many Cities

BNZ, (Bank of New Zealand), has commissioned “Not Many Cities”, a music video featuring rap artist Scribe, as a tribute to the resilience of Cantabrians who have lived through over 8,500 quakes in the past year. Set in Christchurch, the remake of Scribe’s double platinum record “Not Many” celebrates the incredible spirit of the people, with proceeds from sales on iTunes and Amplifier going to child care agency Plunket Christchurch. “Not Many Cities” is the result of a conversation between staff at Bank of New Zealand who wanted to honour Cantabrians with a salute that was true to the people of Christchurch and accepted, embraced and participated in by Cantabrians from all walks of life.

Not Many Cities music video with Scribe

Click on the image below to play the Not Many Cities music video.

Click on the image below to play the “Making Of” video.


The Not Many Cities music video was shot by director Askew (Elliot O’Donnell). Scribe (Malo Luafutu) grew up in Christchurch and is now based in Auckland.

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