Norton Talks About Stuff

Symantec is promoting Norton Antivirus software with an advertising campaign focusing on Stuff. The campaign includes an animated video following Mr Stuff as he goes through life, along with two videos featuring popular home videos associated with babies and grandmas. Norton is talking about Stuff. “Your Stuff. The Stuff that lives on your hard drive, your devices, and on the web. Your Stuff is more than just data. It’s your life. The Stuff that connects you with the people you love. The Stuff that puts you on the grid as a contributing member of society. It’s who you are Stuff, where you’ve been and where you’re going Stuff. Your photos, movies, music and documents are more than just data. It’s your life. It’s all the important Stuff that lives on your hard drive, your mobile device, and on the web. The Stuff that makes you, you. The thing is, bad stuff can happen to your Stuff. Which is why your Stuff needs Norton.”

Norton Stuff

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The Stuff campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Chicago, by global creative director Mark Tutssel, executive creative director Susan Credle, creative directors Dave Loew, Jon Wyville, art director Rainer Schmidt, copywriter Tohru Oyasu, executive producer David Moore, producers Christopher Cochrane and Stephen Clark.

Animation was produced at Psyop and Smuggler by creative directors Fletch Moules and Laurent Ledru, executive producer Neysa Horsburgh, producer Amanda Miller, associate producer Hillary Thomas, Smuggler executive producers Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Lisa Rich, Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel, models and textures team Rie Ito, Brianne Meyers, George Longo, Matt Berenty, riggers Sean Kealey, Alon Gibli, animation lead Dan Vislocky, animators Sam Ortiz, Minor Gaytan, Blake Guest, Kevin Koch, Jacob Frey, Chris Meek, designer Kenesha Sneed, lighters Hao Cui, Sarah Bockett, Stephen Delalla, 2D animators Taik Lee, Regis Carmago, Shervin Etaat, Jooyong Kim, compositing team Fletch Moules, Michael Garrett, Miguel Bautista, Flame artist Kim Stevenson, editor Brett Nicoletti, typographer Siggi Eggertson.

Music was produced at Human Worldwide.

Norton Stuff

Psyop creative director Fletcher Moules talks about Psyop’s work on the campaign.

Visually, we gave the character a cute likeable look and personality and the world around him a handmade ink and watercolor feel. We didn’t want anything to feel overly slick or techy. It’s all imbued with a bit of whimsy and fun. As the spot moves along, the visuals build and get more complex as our main character gets more stuff and tries harder and harder not to lose it. The color palette we used was also very important in the narrative journey. We developed a base palette from the Norton’s brand and this set the tone for beginning and end. However, we wanted the viewer to feel like they went on the journey with Mr. Stuff. When things got tough for him, so did the palette.

We really wanted the animation and the story to unfold as simplistic as possible. The aim was to create a handcrafted world for a software company. Though the characters are all 3D, our intention for the campaign was to have a traditional 2D feel. In order to achieve this, in the timeline we were given, we relied heavily on new techniques in digital production – all the characters are 3D, the backgrounds are projected in Nuke and AE, and much of the character lighting is done with Nuke’s Relighting tools using Normals passes. At the same time, we used some pretty old school animation techniques, like when the taxi takes off and heads to the town.

Norton Stuff

Norton Stuff

Norton Stuff

Norton Stuff

  • Who is singing “I got a feeling a feeling ’bout you” on Grandma was a Hottie?

    Great commercial, BTW.