Nokia N8 Pink Freedom Barbies

Nokia is promoting the N8 Pink phone with a television commercial featuring Barbie dolls dancing to the Sugababes track Freedom. The 12MP smartphone appears time and time again in this promo, with Barbie dolls, choreographed, twisted and dismembered, used to demonstrate the phone’s hipness.

Nokia Pink Barbies

Click on the image below to play the Freedom video in YouTube (HD)


The Freedom ad was developed at Wieden+Kennedy London by creatives Oli Beale and Alex Holder, art director Tom Gander, agency producers Dannie Stewart, Rob Steiner and Helen Whiteley.

Filming was shot by director David Wilson via Blinkink, London, with director of photography Catherine Derry, producer James Stevenson Bretton, puppeteers Zoilo Lobera, Will Harper and Jonny Sabbagh, stop frame animator Joseph Mann, stylists Rose Popham and Anna Trevelyan, choreographer David Leighton, hair stylist Charlie LeMindu.

Post production was done at Munky, London, by Flame artist Gary Brown and producer James Chads. Editor was James Rose at Cut & Run, London.

Click on the image below to play the Making Of video in YouTube (HD)