Nokia N8 Gulp

Nokia has commissioned “Gulp”, a new animated short film filmed on the N8 camera depicting the adventures of a fisherman captured by a sea monster. Following on the World’s Smallest Character Animation, Dot, Gulp was filmed on what is hoped to be the World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Set. Three N8 phones, elevated 36 meters above the ground on a cherry picker on a beach in South Wales, shot a canvas of 42.71 meters x 24 meters, on which gigantic sand drawings were created by sand artists and art student volunteers. Animation was produced using high definition photographs taken from the phones mounted in a custom-built rig and operated remotely by the camera crew below.

Nokia N8 Gulp

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The Gulp ad was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, London, by creative directors Kim Papworth and Tony Davidson, creatives David Bruno and Tom Seymour, producer Michelle Brough and PR advisor Bella Laine.

Filming and animation were produced at Aardman Studios by directors Ed Patterson and Will Studd (Sumo Science) with producer Stephanie Owen, production assistants Danny Gallagher and Nick Miller, production coordinator Holly Marlow, production manager Mark Hewis, location manager Tim Faulkner, 1st assistant director Lisa Butler, director of photography Toby Howell, camera assistant Sam Morris, camera assistant Erica Pownall, gaffer Nat Sale, sparks Ian Jewels and Lex Tully, camera data producer Paul Reeves, pixelation artist (human puppet) William Todd, animators Inez W, Nick Herbert and Merlin Crossingham, prop maker Helen Javes, props team Sion Lane and Paul Galloway, senior post artist Jim Lewis, compositors Spencer Cross, Paule Quinton and Dan Blore, colorist Jim Lewis, and PR officer Anna Harding.

Sand art was produced by sand art director Jamie Wardley, sand team Andy Moss and Tom Bolland at Sand Sculpture Ice

Sound was designed by Jack Sedgwick at Wave Studios. Music, “Guitar Gulp”, was composed by Will Grove-White.

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Nokia N8 Gulp

Nokia N8 Gulp

Nokia N8 Gulp