Nokia Lumia Amazing Everyday

Nokia is promoting the Lumia 800 Windows smartphone with “Amazing Everyday”, a television commercial bringing together 20 amazing stunts recreated for one audience. Music for Amazing Everyday is “Garden” by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Nokia Sideline Referees in Amazing Everyday ad

Click on the image below to play the Amazing Everyday video.

Amazing Everyday Credits

The Amazing Everyday campaign was developed at Inferno, London, by executive creative director Al Young.

Filming was shot by director Jeff Thomas with director of photography Daniel Hainey.

Thomas and Young trawled through thousands of YouTube clips, becoming increasingly astonished by how people make the most of their individuality: The guy who makes bacon and eggs in a skull and cross bone, the baseball player who does that amazing trick with his bat that almost looks like a sleight of hand – but is actually the real thing. The group who follow the football linesman.

Jeff Thomas shot the advert over four days in LA and one day in Kuala Lumpur, with 20 scenes making it into the final edit. Once the scenes had been shot, Jeff Thomas and Al Young started to shape the edit. “It needed to have scale as well as personality. You get the detail of a girl’s hat, but the scale of the windsurfers. We needed to mix up interiors and exteriors,” Thomas says.

“We blurred the line between fiction and reality,” Al Young agrees, “but we could never lose touch with the humanity. The humanity of amazing everyday experiences is essential, because we we wanted to get across that this phone, the Nokia Lumia, can turn your life into an adventure.”

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