Nissan Value of Zero

Nissan ramped up sales of the all-electric Nissan Leaf in the USA in April 2011 with “Value of Zero”, a television advertising campaign. The commercial at the heart of the campaign uses images from nature and everyday human activity that connect with the numeral zero, celebrating the Nissan LEAF’s using zero gas and emitting zero tailpipe emissions. The campaign was carried through on to the Nissan LEAF Facebook World of Zeroes app, in which users could unpack the meaning behind each of the images used in the commercial.

Nissan Leaf Value of Zero Pregnant Belly

Click on the image below to play the Value of Zero video.

Nissan LEAF World of Zeroes Facebook app
Nissan LEAF World of Zeroes Facebook app
Nissan LEAF World of Zeroes Facebook app

Value of Zero Credits

The Value of Zero campaign was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles, by chief creative officer Rob Schwartz, creative director Tito Melega, associate creative directors John Figone and Garman Yip, managing director Jon Castle, account directors Ben Muldrew, Bonnie Schwartz and Craig Werwa, management supervisors Patrick Jones, Lisa Togami and Val Tyll, account supervisors Liz Lefler and Desiree Ho, assistant account executive Peter Estermann, Kelly Glover and Colleen Toombs, product strategy director Joel Weeks, business managers Jill Durand, Stephanie McCall and Robin Rossi, art producer Anna Willman, executive director of integrated production Richard O’Neill, senior producer Elizabeth Giersbrook.

Filming was shot by director Malcolm Venville via Anonymous Content with executive producer Dave Morrison, line producer Jon Benet, production supervisor Alex Fisch, assistant production supervisor Frederick Shannon, director of photography Tobias Schliessler, 1st assistant director Peter Kohn, 2nd assistant director Michelle Schrauwers.

Editors were Hank Corwin and Saar Klein at Lost Planet with assistant editor Chris Kursel with executive producer Gary Ward, producer Jaclyn Paris.

Visual effects were produced at Brewster Parsons by executive producer Darcy Parsons and Flame artist Andrew Eksner.