Nissan Curse of the Pony

Nissan is promoting the Nissan Frontier XE 4X2 2012 truck in Brazil with “Curse of the Pony”, an online video that’s gone viral. A driver whose vehicle gets stuck on a muddy road is asked if he wants a truck with horse power or pony power. Under his bonnet he discovers prancing singing animated pink ponies. The video includes a personal message from an pink pony/dark horse, challenging viewers to pass the video on or face the Curse of the Pony. “If you don’t show this video to ten people, you will suffer the curse of the pony. You will live the rest of your life with this song stuck in your head!” The Youtube video has had over 9.6 million view since posting on July 29. The Curse of the Pony campaign is continued at, and Facebook.

Nissan Ponies - Curse of the Pony

Click on the image below to play the Curse of the Pony video (English-US subtitles) in YouTube

Curse of the Pony Credits

The Maldica o do Ponei campaign was developed at Lew’Lara\TBWA São Paulo, by chief creative director Jaques Lewkowicz, creative director Manir Fadel, creative directors Mariana Sa and Luciano Lincoln, art director Max Geraldo, copywriter Cesar Herszkowicz, planners Renata D’Avila and Felipe Senise, account manager Alexandre Baroni, media team Luiz Ritton, Eduardo Shinohara, Suellen Kiss, Luana Gallizzi, working with Nissan marketing team Murilo Moreno and Heloisa Silva.

Filming and animation were produced at Corporação Fantástica, Curitba, by director Marlon Klug, director of photography Russo Loyola, art director Tyta Zanelatto, executive producer Herminio Jr, and process manager Henrique Ribeiro. Post production was done at Industria Fantástica. Sound was produced at Satelite Ãudio.