Nike Some Time Together

Nike is running “Some Time Together”, an online film featuring a highly motivated young woman whose drive to run is unshakable, even for the most important people in her life. “Some Time Together” opens with a young woman taking a city jog and is quickly joined by her parents, struggling to keep up in their non-athletic attire as they attempt to engage her in casual conversation. The determined runner charges forward as the people in her life attempt to squeeze themselves into her running routine. Her sister pedals her way up to request to borrow her bicycle, a barista passes her an espresso on the fly, and her local laundromat has her dry cleaning held out at the door for a special express pickup. Her boyfriend manages to run up and catch her for a moment, whining, “Babe, I feel like we don’t spend enough time together.”

Nike Some Time Together film

The runner’s personal life continues to come into question as her grandmother, slows down in the passenger seat of a convertible, asking, “Are you married yet?!?” Even her recreational activities including her church choir and foosball game friends vie to keep up with her athletic conviction. As the sky begins to darken, the woman’s mother returns once again, draping her with a sweatshirt, encouraging, “Don’t catch a cold, sweetie.” We pan out to see the young woman running in front of a now evening lit city skyline accompanied by the super, “Never stop running.” The spot closes with a closeup shot of the sneaker accompanied by the super, “Lunarglide+ 3 Shield,” followed by the Nike symbol. Click on the image below to play the Some Time Together video.

Some Time Together Credits

Some Time Together was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Alberto Ponte and Ryan O’Rourke, executive producer Ben Grylewicz, copywriters Icaro Doria and Dylan Lee, art director Guillermo Vega, business manager Maureen Doyle, producers Endy Hedman and Felicia Hedman, account executive Catherine Wolpe, account supervisor Vanessa Miller.

Filming was shot by directing team The Glue Society via Park Pictures with executive producers Jackie Kelman Bisbee, executive producer/head of production Dinah Rodriguez, executive producer Justin Pollock, line producer Michelle Currinder, director of photography Tobias Schliessler, with executive producer Christian Allen at Capital Media, manging partner Keely Stothers.

Post production was done at Joint Editorial by editor Kyle Valenta, with executive producer Patt Brebner, post producer Shelli Jury, and assistant editor Patrick Carroll.