Nike Golf Stallion in The Arrival

Nike is promoting Nike Golf with an advertising campaign featuring a black stallion. “The Arrival”, the television commercial at the heart of the campaign, begins with a glistening black stallion turning his eyes towards us, intercut with staccato-like shots of the horse in action that emphasize his power and grace. Suddenly, with a percussive burst, the stallion launches at full speed across a landscape of manicured grass, his powerful hooves leaving a wake of upturned divots. He continues to bolt across greens and hurtle through sand traps as slow-motion inserts lend finesse to his forcefulness. With masterful control and pinpoint precision, the stallion stops suddenly and rears up on his hind legs, bellowing as his muscular frame is silhouetted dramatically against a cloud-scattered sky. We’re then shown the object that pulled his charge up short: a putting green, shrouded in mist. Superimposed over this shot are the words: “All Power.” The horse’s front hooves land on the grass as a second super appears: “All Control,” before we cut to the Nike 20XI logo, its April 29 arrival date and the tagline: “Revolutionary To Its Core.”

Nike Golf Stallion in Arrival commercial

Click on the image below to play the Arrival video.

Arrival Credits

The Arrival campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Worldwide, by creative director Hal Curtis, art director Lee Jennings, copywriter Eric Samsel, agency producer Jeff Selis, and account executive Carter Kirkpatrick.

Filming was shot by director Ellen Kuras via Park Pictures, Bicoastal/London, with executive producer Jackie Kelman and Justin Pollock, line producer Caroline Kousidonis, production supervisor Grace Campos.

Visual effects were produced at The Mission Studio, Venice, by creative director/lead flame Rob Trent, Flame artist Joey Brattesani, executive producer Michael Pardee, onset supervisor Michael Gibson and Diana Cheng.

Editor was Peter Wiedensmith at Joint Editorial with assistant editor Alyssa Coates, producers Shelli Jury, Lauren Smith and Patty Brebner.