Newport Beach Film Festival 2011

The 12th annual Newport Beach Film Festival, running from April 28 to May 5, is being promoted in an integrated advertising campaign, including a trailer by Biscuit’s Aaron Stoller and festival posters and program art by world-renowned artists such as Linda Zacks, 3-D artists Ars Thanea, SHOTOPOP, illustrator Henry Obasi, fashion illustrator Stina Persson, Los Angeles street artist Septerhed, and fine arts sculptor Jon Seaton.

Newport Beach Film Festival 2011

The Boy Meets Girl trailer reveals the miracle behind filmmaking through the voice of a director/narrator who takes us through every misstep in his quest to produce the perfect boy-meets-girl film. First, the lead actor forgets his line. Then the studio big-brothers his lingerie-clad heroine and dresses her in a towel. A fight scene just won’t turn out right. And the guy who steals the girl looks far too similar to the one who had her to begin with. In the end, the director is satisfied that he at least got the font right for the final credits-until he changes his mind on that as well. In its camera angles, lighting, movement, and every other detail, the trailer looks as good as the films it is promoting. The trailer will be shown before every film at the Festival.

Click on the image below to play the Boy Meets Girl video.

To design the print art, RPA took the 24 letters of the festival’s name, set it in simple type, then launched an international search to find accomplished artists in a variety of genres. The result was 14 varied talents from all over the world, each of whom RPA granted free reign to do as they wished to create their own unique interpretation of the Newport Beach Film Festival. The print art covers every aspect of the festival, from the opening screen shots of all 350 films and an onsite gallery to the event programs (with four different covers) and prominent places around Orange County.

NBFF Stina Persson

Notable print pieces include the storyboard-like cover art by Henry Obasi and a SHOTOPOP cover design that features a crystalline hat or mask (it is open to interpretation) with film festival art on top of it. Jon Seaton created a special font for the festival: starting with a stencil of the text, he deposited soot onto a piece of paper, essentially burning it into a backdrop.

NBFF Henry Obasi
NBFF Shotopop
NBFF Ars Thanea

One of the headliner pieces, by New York’s Linda Zacks, is a unique creation that has the look of something that has been painted with light. “Linda’s interpretation was that filmmaking is really nothing more than the manipulation of light particles,” stated McDonald. “This piece of key art will anchor the outside of the festival on ads, digital billboards, bus shelters and other high-traffic areas around Los Angeles and Orange County.”

NBFF Linda Zacks
NBFF in the Los Angeles Times
NBFF Outdoor

Newport Beach Film Festival Credits

The Newport campaign was developed at RPA, Santa Monica, by executive creative director David Smith, creative directors Scott McDonald, Laura Hauseman, Tom Hamling, executive producer Gary Paticoff, senior producer Selena Pizarro and senior art buyer Deb Grisham.

Filming for Boy Meets Girl was shot by director Aaron Stoller via Biscuit Filmworks, director of photography Simon Duggan, executive producers Shawn Lacy and Holly Vega, line producer Rick Jarjoura and production designer Dan Butts.

Editor was Lucas Spaulding at Spot Welders with assistant editor Sophie Kornberg, post producer Patrick McElroy and executive producer David Glean.

Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3 with executive producer Rhubie Jovanov. VFX were produced at Public VFX by lead Flame artists Brad Scott and James Allen, matte painter Tim Matney and producer Marlo Kinsey. Titles were produced at Logan by executive producer Matthew Marquis.

Audio post production was done at Eleven Sound by sound mixer Jeff Payne. Music is “Lucy”, composed by Sutja GutiĆ©rrez. Music, “Lover’s Lane”, was composed by John Nau and Andrew Feltenstein at Beacon Street Studios, performed by John Nau, Andrew Feltenstein and Derek Breakfield.

Artists included Linda Zacks, 3-D artists Ars Thanea, SHOTOPOP, illustrator Henry Obasi, fashion illustrator Stina Persson, Los Angeles street artist Septerhed, and fine arts sculptor Jon Seaton.