NASA What Kind of World Do You Want?

NASA has launched “What Kind of World Do You Want?”, a music video featuring the International Space Station and its crews set to the song “World” by recording artists Five for Fighting. The video features imagery of both the space station and the space shuttles that have served as the workhorses of space station construction and resupply.

NASA Astronaut

“What Kind of World Do You Want?” uses selections from orbit as well as Earth-bound training and launch activities to communicate the importance of space exploration and its benefits for future generations. Intermixed are selections of video that show the beauty of planet Earth as seen from the space station and scenes of children inspired by space exploration. The lyrics emphasize that “history starts now” and invite listeners to ask the question, “What kind of world do you want?” The video ends with a reminder that although STS-135 is the final space shuttle mission, the International Space Station will continue an uninterrupted human presence in space.

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NASA also has released “First Ten, Next Ten“, a new 26-minute video about the history, research and promise of the International Space Station. During the past decade, 15 nations have come together, setting aside boundaries and differences, to create the largest and longest inhabited object to ever orbit the Earth.

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