Murilo Rangel Bite of the Apple

One bite is all it takes to set someone down the track towards dental implant and prosthesis. That’s the message in the print advertisement for Murilo Rangel Specialized Odontology, featuring Adam, Eve, Snowflake, the Seven Dwarves, a witch and a prince, and a red apple. “God created Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve earn the right to stay forever in paradise. Adam and Eve are banned from paradise”. “Snowflake is found by seven little dwarfs. Snowflake lives happily at the seven little dwarfs’ house. Snow was bewitched and then saved by the prince”. “A single bite changes your entire life”. (Uma mordida muda toda a sua história.)

Murilo Rangel Adam and Eve print advertisement

Murilo Rangel Snowflake and the Dwarfs print advertisement


The Adam and Eve ad was developed at Trio, Sao Paulo, by creative director Ed Carvalho, creative director/copywriter Marcelo Góes, art director Guives Leal and account director José Biondo.

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