Multiple Sclerosis Human Jenga Bodies

Multiple Sclerosis Waikato is organisation in New Zealand supporting those with MS and funding research into a cure. The organisation recently ran a print advertising campaign featuring “human jenga” bodies, a runner, officer worker and commuter, in which it is clear that any part of the body could be pulled out. “With MS you never know what will go next. Multiple sclerosis sufferers live in a frightening reality where parts of the body can shut down without warning. Help the search for a cure. Visit”. The campaign won a Bronze Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Multiple Sclerosis Waikato runner

Multiple Sclerosis Waikato office worker

Multiple Sclerosis Waikato commuter


The MS Waikato campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by executive creative director Nick Worthington, creative director/art director/copywriter Levi Slavin, copywriter Dave Govier, account manager Katherine Sliper, account supervisor (group account director) Scott Coldham, photographer Troy Goodall, retoucher Kevin Hyde at Imagecraft and designer Kate Slavin.