Movember Craft & Pride

Movember, the international movement started in Melbourne, Australia, uses the growing of a moustache as an icon of men’s health, with a focus on addressing prostate cancer and depression in men. This year’s fund raising campaign is being promoted with “The Craft and The Pride”, a film series celebrating country men with an appreciation of natural quality, craftsmanship and the simple pleasures in life. “The country gentleman is an individual who takes pride in his craft. He cherishes one hand made thing over a dozen mass produced items. His moustache is face grown and hand brushed, an item he crafts with the same level of pride.”

Movember Craft & Pride Fly Fisherman

Click on the image below to play the trailer in YouTube

A fly fisherman introduces us to the craft of the river. Click on the image below to play Episode 1 in YouTube

Every gentleman should take the time to befriend an authentic and genuine barber; a man who upholds and honours a craft steeped in history, whilst bringing his own flair to the cutting chair. Click on the image below to play Episode 2 in YouTube

David Calvert gets a full beard shave for MOvember at the Waldorf Barbershop in Dublin, Ireland. Click on the image below to play Episode 3 in YouTube

Movember take us on a tour of the Marshall Amplification factory near Bletchley, UK. Click on the image below to play the Episode 4 video in YouTube


The Craft and The Pride campaign was developed at Urchin Associates, Melbourne.

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  • Miguel Torres

    Love the site. Currently a Mo’ Bro and participating in the monthly event. My question is, who plays that guitar instrumental for the craft and pride trailer?

    Would love to know.