Mothers Log Off Play With Me

New York advertising agency BFG9000 has developed “The Log Off,” an online campaign in which children beg their mothers to log off their computers and actually play with them. The viral video at the centre of the campaign invites viewers to the website, which simply encourages visitors to “log off… at least for a little while.” The viral was launched on parenting web portal, a spin off of now-defunct Cookie Magazine.

Mommy Log Off Play with Me

Click on the image below to play the Log Off video.

“I had this idea about promoting online moderation and shared it with (the viral’s director) Harold Einstein and this piece was born,” notes Graf. “When we were thinking, “Who is this for?” the idea of using the mother as a central character resonated, and we tapped into our partner through friends of Harold’s as the ideal way to reach that audience.” “We’re not advocating giving up Facebook,” adds Einstein. “Just introducing the idea of moderation.”

Log Off Credits

The Log Off campaign was developed at Barton F. Graf 9000 (BFG9000), New York, by creative director/copywriter/art director Gerry Graf and producer Winslow Dennis.

Filming was shot by director Harold Einstein via Station Film with executive producer Steve Orent, executive producer Tom Rossano, producer Eric Liney, director of photography Dante Spinotti.

Editor was Chuck Willis at The Cutting Room Films, with mixer Walter Bianco. Music was composed by Jeffrey Lodin. Post production and visual effects were produced at Light of Day by colorist Blase Theodore.