Monk Who Doubts Auctioned for Christchurch Appeal

Auckland cartoonist Ant Sang has placed an original cartoon, “Monk Who Doubts”, on New Zealand online auction site TradeMe to raise funds for the Red Cross 2011 Christchurch Art Appeal. The artwork (42 x 48cm, Indian Ink on paper) features Monk Who Doubts, a character from Ant’s new graphic novel Shaolin Burning, which has been in the NZ Fiction Booksellers Bookchart since it’s release in February. The graphi was drawn while Ant was filmed for an Asia Downunder segment, which is scheduled to be shown on TV1 this month. The auction closes at 7.45 pm, NZ time, on Thursday 10 March.

Monk Who Doubts by Ant Sang

Sang was also the designer for the animated television show bro’Town so he’s offered to put pen to paper and draw a one-off drawing of the auction winner amongst the characters. The character’s real life voices, Oscar Kightley, David Fane, Mario Gaoa and Shimpal Lelisi, will also sign the finished work.


Ant Sang is a cartoonist living in Auckland, best known for his work as the designer on the animated tv show bro’Town, along with minicomics and graphic novels, such as Filth, The Dharma Punks and more recently Shaolin Burning.

The Christchurch Art Appeal was set up by Pink Noise, a non-profit artist community set up by leading contemporary artist Katie Robinson. See more from the Pink Noise TradeMe art listings.

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