Monarch Top Trump Class Edition Cards

Monarch Airlines in the UK used a special edition Class Top Trump deck of cards to celebrate the launch of the airline’s Build Your Own Class service, which gives customers the ability to tailor their flight package to their exact requirements. Monarch Class Top Trumps pits some of the world’s most high profile figures and celebrities against each other, contesting their social and celebrity status on the following criteria: airmiles, wealth, pin-up, fashion sense and column inches.

MonarchTop Trumps Class Edition Cards

Monarch Lady Gaga Top Trumps card

The public has long debated and argued on the pin up status of Robert Pattinson compared to David Beckham or whether Lady Gaga has clocked up more column inches than Rihanna. Monarch’s Class Top Trumps deck can finally resolve who trumps who of the world’s most talked about people. Gordon Ramsay creates a stir taking on Jamie Oliver outside of the kitchen. British sweetheart Cheryl Cole does battle with American socialite princess Paris Hilton. Lord Sugar goes up against Sir Richard Branson to see who has the biggest piggy bank. Other public figures include Russell Brand, Barack Obama, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Lily Allen and Katie Price. Card players young and old can buy their very own pack exclusively onboard Monarch Airline flights.

Monarch Top Trumps card

Monarch Gordon Ramsay Top Trumps card

Monarch Lord SugarTop Trumps card

Monarch Prince William Top Trumps card

Monarch Kate Middleton Top Trumps card

Monarch Katie Price Top Trumps card

Monarch Cheryl Cole Top Trumps card

Monarch Take That Top Trumps card

Monarch Towie Top Trumps card


The pack of Top Trumps was commissioned by Christopher Slevin at Mission Public Relations in collaboration with Winning Moves, the owners of the Top Trumps brand. The cards were illustrated by Stanley Chow.

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