Mini Cram It In The Boot

Mini’s Super Bowl ad in 2011, “Cram it in the boot!”, features a fictional British television game show in which contestants attempt to fit as many objects as possible in the trunk of a 4-door Mini Countryman. Apparently Josh’s fiancee Ashleigh says he really can cram a boot. A hint of innuendo?

Mini Cram it in the Boot show


The Cram It campaign was developed at Butler Shine Stern & Partners by creative directors Steve Mapp and Lyle Yetman, creatives Alex Rice and Chris Bull, agency producer Kate Morrison and account director Lori Pisani.

Filming was shot by director Bryan Buckley via Hungry Man with executive producer Kevin Byrne,

Editor was Chan Hatcher at Number Six Editorial with producer Chrissy Desimone and assistant editor Mike Campbell.

Post production was done at The Mill, Los Angeles, by VFX producer Sabrina Elizondo, shoot supervisor Chris Knight, 2D lead artist Tara DeMarco, 2D artists Gareth Parr and Elad Offer, 3D artist Yori Kumalasari and artist Nick Sanders.

Sound was mixed at Lime Studios by Rohan Young, assistant Brian Peyton and producer Jessical Locke.

  • Klinger

    are they throwing stuff around till they find something that sticks? mini countryman traveling with a mini classic on the roof? mini in a snow globe? ZANY GAMESHOW ad on the Super BOwl? they’re throwing $ at it that’s for sure.
    surprised to see the new giant times square billboard, as it ignores the “cram it” ad. maybe mini isn’t sold on “cram it” either ?

  • January Jones

    The Times Square billboard does seem more “mini like”. And I have to say, the billboard looks pretty cool all lit up at night.
    Not sure I agree across the board with spending such huge money on a SUper Bowl Commercial but if you decide to do that I think you need to try a big gesture. LIke playing stadiums vs. small clubs. Mini Countryman and the “cram it in the boot” game seemed to be their attempt at playing to the cheap seats, so to speak.
    Why the hell not, right?