Mini Adventure in All The Wrong Places

BMW is running “All The Wrong Places”, an advertising campaign featuring the new MINI Coupé and MINI Roadster. A series of five films features the Coupe and Roadster driven in adventurous settings: Sunday in Rio, Wednesday in Hong Kong, Tuesday in Iceland, Saturday in Istanbul, with one more to come. The campaign is moving on now with the challenge of Facebook fans joining host Elliott Bambrough in in Japan, Peru, South Africa, Sweden and Jamaica. Five intrepid co-pilots from the MINI Facebook community, signed up through the All The Wrong Places Facebook page, will appear in videos on MINI’s Facebook page, on, on the MINI Youtube channel, and on the VICE website

Mini All The Wrong Places

Sunday in Rio

All dressed up with one really outrageously awesome place to go? Say hello to the new MINI Coupé – With the right wingman, there’s action around every corner. Even on a Sunday. Click on the image below to play the Sunday in Rio “Carnival” video.

Wednesday in Hong Kong

It’s just another Wednesday in Hong Kong and “Love is in the Air.” Trouble is, the troublemakers here are having a hard time sharing. Could it just be the new MINI Coupé everyone’s after? Click on the image below to play the Wednesday in Hong Kong video.

Tuesday in Iceland

A nose for exotic exploits can lead to some tricky situations. Luckily the cockpit of the new MINI Coupé is a perfect place for adventure – and escape. Can this MINI Coupé driver skirt the icy situation he finds himself in? Click on the image below to play the Tuesday in Iceland (Hitchhiker) video.

Saturday in Istanbul

In “Another Day. Another Adventure” the lust for adventure takes the new MINI Roadster to the metropolis of Istanbul. The rising sun over the Bosporus offers plenty of potential for following less familiar paths. As the campaign claim announces, the “Saturday in Istanbul” spot once again presents a very special challenge for the new MINI Roadster. Click on the image below to play the Saturday in Istanbul video.

Fifth Episode

The successful market launch of the MINI Coupé is being followed by that of its accomplice, the new MINI Roadster. The new MINI Roadster is the first open-top two-seater in the MINI family to be equipped for any experience. With its special licence to go on a new adventure each day, it’s the equal of its accomplice, the MINI Coupé, in every way. The fifth episode with the new MINI Roadster offers the last chance to experience an extraordinary adventure with the latest member of the MINI family. From 21 November 2011, MINI fans will be able as usual to upload their personal profile to Facebook, at, and to tell MINI why they are the perfect co-pilot for the turbulent excursion with the MINI Roadster.

Click on the image below to play the All The Wrong Places video.

Click on the image below to play the Meet the Pilot video.

Episode 1 of ALL THE WRONG PLACES features co-pilot Maggie Stoody travelling to the land of the rising sun with Elliott Bambrough to discover the culture of Dekotora truck customization. Click on the image below to play the teaser video.

The accompanying print advertisements and posters also awaken a desire for adventure with the MINI Roadster. The print campaign shows the youngest member of the MINI family alone or with its accomplice, the MINI Coupé.

Half the Seats TWICE the Fun. Think Twice STILL Do It. Survival of the QUICKEST. From A to B OR NOT to B? Made to CROSS the Line. Get Used to Being FOLLOWED. Choose Your ACCOMPLICE Wisely.

Mini Roadster print ad A to B or Not to B
Mini Roadster print ad - Get Used to Being Followed
Mini Roadster print ad - Still Do
Mini Roadster print ad - Choose Your Accomplice
Mini Roadster print ad - Cross the Line
Mini Roadster print ad - Twice The Fun
Mini Roadster print ad - Survival of the Quickest

Wrong Places Credits

The Mini Adventure Wrong Places campaign was developed at created for MINI in cooperation with VICE, at BSUR, Amsterdam, by executive creative director Jason Schragger, creative director Karl Dunn, copywriter David Govier, art directors Thomas Jullien and Simon Johnson,

Filming was shot by director Peter Berg via Thomas Thomas Films, executive producers Oscar Thomas and Philippa Thomas, producer Jeremy Barnes, production manager Trent Simpson, 1st assistant director Benji Edwards, directors of photography Benji Edwards, Bob Pendar-Hughes, Cesar Charlone. Local production in Iceland was provided by True North by producer Leifur B. Dagfinnsson, production manager Finni Johansson

Editor was Adam Pertofsky at Rock Paper Scissors with assistant editor Neil Meiklejohn, executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver, producer Juliet Batter. Telecine was produced at Company 3 by colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld.

Online/VFX was produced at A52 by VFX supervisor Andy McKenna, CG supervisor Kirk Shintani, 2D VFX team Chris Buongiorno, Steve Wolff, Andres Barrio, Joy Tiernan and Cameron Coombs, 3D artists Ryan McDougal, Erin Clarke, Joe Chiechi, Tim Donlevy, Paulo de Almada, Adam Charter, Abel Salazar, producer Vicky Kwan, executive producer Jennifer Sofio Hall, head of production Megan Meloth.

Music/Sound Design were produced at Bullet by executive producer Patrick Oliver. Sound was designed at Henryboy by Bill Chesley with executive producer Kate Gibson. Audio post production was done at POP Sound by engineering producer Mitch Dorf and Zac Fisher, with assistants Robert Weiss and Sam Schaffer. Music for the Iceland spot was by Fall on Your Sword. Music for Sunday in Rio is “Sakonsa” by Ikebe Shakedown. Music for the Saturday in Istanbul spot is “Hayat Kavgasi” by Turkish musician Orhan Gencebay.