Mentos Up2U Choose Films

Mentos is promoting Up2U, a new line of gum with two flavours, with, a site with four pairs of films running parallel to each other. The gum comes in a pack that has two flavors. It’s your choice which one you want to take. In one scenario, visitors can decide between being a “Hip Hop Superstar” with Naughty by Nature, or an astronaut. In another, they can either take part in a Japanese Game Show or run from zombies. The unique interface allows users to toggle seamlessly between the two scenarios. A central menu holds all the different combinations of films, each representing one flavor of the Mentos gum.

Mentos Up2U Monster or Aerobics

Mentos Up2U Superhero or Supermodel?

Mentos Up2U Zombie or Gameshow?

Mentos Up2U Hip Hop or Astronaut


The You Choose campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by chief creative officer John Norman, group creative directors Fabio Costa and Keith Cartwright, associate creative director/senior copywriter Mike Lear, senior art director Dustin Artz, executive producer Lalita Koehler, broadcast producer Alex Scheer-Payne, interactive producer Travis Smith, designer Angie Elko, lead developer Kevin Power, and Flash developer Robert Lavoie.

Filming and web development was produced at unit9, London, by director Anrick Bregman, live action producer Michelle Craig, live action co-director Martin Stirling, director of photography Carl Burke, technical director Yates Buckley, interactive producer Richard Rowe, design lead Jarrod Castaing, technical lead David Hartono, production designer Caroline Story, editor Alex Burt. The eight films were written and shot by Anrick and his team in London, each film with it’s own actors, set design, and a bespoke score composed for the project. The site structure making the experience possible was built in Florence by unit9 Italy.

Post Production/VFX was produced at Kettle by 3D generalists Nic Grootbluemink, Alex Dorman and Neil Canterbury, post supervisor/3D generalist Jules Stevenson.

Music was by Arlen Figgis. Sound Design was by Richard Nathan.